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Create Art In Your Skin
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The reason for this community's creation was to make a place for cutters, ex-cutters, or people interested in cutting to come and discuss topics related to cutting freely. The idea behind the community is finding the beauty in cutting, on the most beautiful of canvases, ourselves. Open discussion on all self injury topics are welcome.

To make this a nice and friendly place for everybody, there will have to short list of rules.
  • Pictures of any nature are to be put behind a livejournal cut, even though I personally dislike them, bcuz the pictures may be psychologically harmful to other members.
  • Post quizzes or surveys or whatever else you might want to that are cutting related, but put it behind a livejournal cut and label them appropriately. If you feel the desire to advertise a community you must use correct grammar ~ at least I'm not saying that you can't (unless it is a rating community).
  • If you want to discuss other methods of self injury, feel free to, but be aware that this community's main focus is on cutting.
  • I don't support suicide and would prefer that members not encourage each other to do such things. Feel free to talk about it to any length and possibly detour other members from it.
With all of that said, I believe the purpose and guidelines of the community have been made fairly clear.
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