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01. Whats your name? Jennifer

02. Age, Birthday, and Local? 14~ 5/27/91 ~Houston

03. Form of SI? cutting/burning/banging/hair pulling/

04. Why do you SI? Mostly Control Issues, frustration, Anger, to feel something, ocasionally just for "fun"

05. When was your first time, if you remember? What did you use? I was 10..I was staying at the hospital with my mom and my dad had said something that pissed me off and i ran to the bathroom and cut my wrist with the edge of the napkin dispenser..true first time was at 9 yrs old but lets not get into that.

06. Where do you most often SI? arms, thighs, ankles, legs

07. What do you use? razors/safety pins/scissors/lighter/nails/walls/anything I can find

08. Do you hide it? I try..its worked for my family so far others not so well.

09. Do you listen to music while you SI? If so, who? Not on purpose..although some music makes me want to SI and then I do.

10. Anyone know? Want them to? No one in my family, a couple of my friends, some other people..about 5 in total..sometimes but im scared as to how they would react.

11. Eating Disorders? no.

12. Mental Disorders? none diagnosed..maybe depression,OCD

13. What would you do if you found cuts on your best friend? Depends..

anyway friend me...
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if you have a xanga sn tell me or comment and i'll let you read..
that is all..:)
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